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Recreational Program Outline - Let the FUN begin!!!


What does the MSA Recreational Program offer?

  1. A fun, safe environment
  2. Fun practices where kids learn skills required to play soccer
    1. 1 per week @ U5-U8, 2 per week @ U10 & U12, 1-2 per week at U15 & U18.
  3. Fun, challenging games where kids get to demonstrate what they learned in practice
    1. 1 game per week, 7-8 games per season
    2. End of season tournament for U10, U12, & U15 Co-Ed age groups
  4. Low Cost (includes jersey, league & admin fees, practice fields, tournament fees, ref fees, etc)
  5. No travel required.
  6. Playing with and against players at a similar level of interest.
  7. Opportunity to play MSA Academy.
    1. See the MSA Academy Program for more details.


Our goal is to guide each family to the program that best fits their child.

  1. We offer more than one type of program. As a matter of fact, we offer soccer at 3 various levels of play; Recreational, Academy, & Club/Travel. Our driving force is not singularly focused. We truly desire placing each child in the program that matches their current level of interest & development because history tells us that leads to each child getting the most out of their soccer experience.
    1. What this means is that if your child wants to play Recreational soccer we will provide that for him/her. If they play Recreational and later desire to play at the Academy or Club/Travel level we will do our very best to support their desire.
    2. If your child plays in our Academy program and decides they want to go back to Recreational we will gladly help make that happen. If they want to do both Academy and Recreational we can help with that as well. If they want to move from Academy to Club/Travel we will gladly offer our support and guidance.
  2. Hopefully what you can see is that we have programs for kids at all the various levels and simply want to help each family find the best program for their child. If you're not sure please seek our support and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.