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Fall 2021 Season
Registration is now open until July 19,2021
Fall 2021 SEASON STARTS SATURDAY, September 11

MSA Fall 2021 Calendar







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Why MSA?

Let's take a look...


Our Recreational  program provides a fun soccer experience for players of all ages. Kids as young as age 4 all the way to age 18 will have a blast playing soccer in our Recreational program.

Our Academy program provides the next phase in development for those who like soccer and are ready for more of a challenge. The Academy program begins at U7 and continues at U8, U10, U12 and U14.

Our partnership with the Jr Irish Soccer Club completes the developmental pathway for players who really like soccer and want to continue having fun in a more challenging environment while getting trained by professionally licensed coaches.

Do you need help deciding which program best fits your child? For that or other questions you may have please email our Director of Coaching... 


Jewlery Policy


Jewelry Policy:

Jewelry Agreement: , no player is allowed to wear jewelry of any type, especially pierced earrings while participating in MSA games or practices.  The only exception is made for medical alert jewelry, which must be taped in place.  If you are thinking of getting your child's ear pierced, make sure the earrings can be removed by the start of the first practice.

Fall 2021 Divisions

U5 Boys and Girls                             Born in 2016 & 2017
U6 Boys and Girls                             Born in 2015
U7 Boys and Girls                             Born in 2014
U8 Boys and Girls                             Born in 2013
U10 Boys and Girls                           Born in 2012 & 2011
U12 Boys and Girls                           Born in 2010 & 2009
U15 Co-Ed                                        Born in 2008,2007,2006
U18 Co-Ed                                        Born in 2005,2004,2003
U8 Boys and Girls                             Born in 2013 & 2014
U10 Boys and Girls                           Born in 2011 & 2012
U12 Boys and Girls                           Born in 2009 & 2010
U14 Boys and Girls                           Born in 2007 & 2008