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About Michiana Soccer Association:

  • MSA is a community organization that offers outdoor soccer opportunities for boys and girls, ages 4 through 18. 
  • The spring season begins in early April and continues through mid June.  
  • The fall season begins in early September and continues through October. 
  • Games take place on Saturdays, and all teams play 7+ games per season.‚Äč

Our Mission:

  • To provide opportunities for all youth of Michiana to play organized soccer.
  • We stress skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship and achievement of one’s personal best in a fun, positive manner.

Player Development: 

  • MSA emphasizes player development ahead of winning.
  • We strive to ensure that each player has the opportunity to develop his/her technical skills and reach his or her potential.
  • In order to maximize player development, coaches are expected to:
    • Provide a minimum playing time for all players of at least one-half of each game;
    • Rotate field positions of players throughout the season;
    • Emphasize skills development over strategy and tactics.

Personal Best: 

  • MSA strives to create an environment that enables each player to perform at his/her personal best, regardless of ability.


  • The MSA staff, coaches and volunteer base emphasize good sportsmanship.

Commitment and Discipline: 

  • MSA believes that youth soccer should help develop commitment and discipline through instruction, conditioning, practice and competition that will help each child succeed in adolescence and beyond.


  • MSA soccer stresses the importance and power of teamwork and placing teamwork ahead of personal accomplishments.

Fun and Positive Experience: 

  • MSA strives to make the game of soccer a fun and positive part of each player’s experience.