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Here are the most common questions (and answers) regarding the MSA Academy Program. We hope you find these helpful.

If you have further questions, please email coachscottorbo@gmail.com


Q1) Are there tryouts for the MSA Academy?

A1) No. Players will be offered the opportunity to play in the MSA Academy through a selection process. There are 3 ways we select players.

   1) A referral from the MSA coach and approval by the MSA Director of Coaching.

   2) A referral from the MSA Director of Coaching.

   3) Parents may contact the Director of Coaching to seek selection.


Q2) If my child takes a break will a spot be held or guaranteed the following season?

A2) If a former MSA Academy player returns and desires to play in the MSA Academy, and spots are available, we welcome them back to our Academy program. However, we don't hold spots for players who may or may not return.


Q3) If my child plays this year might they get bumped out the following year?

A3) The only reason we would move someone back to the recreational level is if we determined the Academy level was too much. MSA does not want to put a child in a position to fail. If, over the course of the season, we as a coaching staff determine the level is too much, we would have a private conversation with his/her parents to determine the best way to proceed.


Q4) How will MSA Academy teams be formed? 

A4) The MSA Director of Coaching, with feedback from the MSA Academy coaches, will form teams. We follow a Team Formation Process which includes doing our best to meet coaching requests, teammate requests, sponsorship requests, practice location requests, car-pooling requests, etc. However, because of the complexity involved, we can't guarantee we will meet 100% of requests, but we get very close :)


Q5) Will there be goal-keepers at U7 & U8 in the Academy?

A5) All Academy teams will play with goal-keepers.


Q6) Who will MSA Academy Teams play against?

A6) MSA Academy Teams will play against each other similar to the MSA Recreational Level. Think of it this way. The more advanced players at each age will be offered the opportunity to practice and play with and against each other. It's the next phase in player development. 

** U14 Teams play against teams in the U15 Coed Division, as well as games against teams from other area clubs **


Q7) Is it possible to sponsor an MSA Academy Team?

A7) Yes! Sponsorships are made available similar to the MSA Recreational Level.


Q8) If my child is currently U6 when are they eligible to play in the MSA Academy?

A8) A current U6 player will be eligible to play in the MSA Academy beginning at U7. The MSA Director of Coaching will work with all MSA U6 coaches and families during the current calendar year to help prepare the U7 MSA Academy Division for the following calendar year. If you feel your U6 child is truly ready for the challenge of U8 Academy please contact the MSA DOC (coachscottorbo@gmail.com) who will gladly strive to meet your desire.


For more information regarding the MSA Academy Program please click on the Academy Program tab.


Thank you,

Scott Hunter

MSA Director of Coaching