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MSA Academy Program Outline - Let the FUN continue!!!


A referral and approval is required to join the MSA Academy Program. Why?

  1. Because our driving force is not singularly focused. We truly desire placing each child in the program that matches their current level of interest & development so that each child & their family get the most out of their soccer experience.
  2. We want parents being comfortable because they made informed decisions regarding their child's soccer journey. That really matters to us here at MSA.

What does the MSA Academy Program offer?

  1. A fun, safe environment
  2. Fun practices where kids learn more advanced skills.
    1. 1 team practice per week guided by the MSA coach.
    2. 1 group practice per week guided by the MSA DOC & MSA Academy Coaches.
  3. Fun, challenging games where kids get to demonstrate what they learned in practice
    1. 1 game per week
    2. End of season tournament
  4. Low Cost (includes jersey, admin fees, practice fields, MSA tourney, ref fees, & more).
  5. No travel required.
  6. Playing with and against players at a similar level of interest & development
  7. Opportunity to play Jr Irish Memorial Day Tournament
    1. MSA will provide more details each spring season.
    2. Saturday games (2) & Sunday games (1-2) only.
    3. Additional cost ~ $40 per player.