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by posted 09/30/2022

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope all the girls are feeling well.  There is quite a bug going around... So please let me know if your daughter will not be at the game tomorrow.


GAME TIME:  11:15 (please arrive by 10:40, they have been starting right on time and we can take the field and warm up at                                          11:00)  Looks like is is going to be around 60 degrees and sunny!

REMEMBER:  Please bring your ball and water!  Dress to the weather, all long sleeves have to be worn under jersey.

SNACK:  Mickels/Nichols Family (again optional, we have 13 girls) Thank you!!!

See everyone tomorrow!

Coach Julie



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by posted 09/23/2022

Hello Everyone,



Pictures: 11:30 please arrive in the back of MSA park by 11:20

Game: 12:45 Blue 2  (water bottle, ball)

We will likely have a bit of down time inbetween pictures and game so girls can also bring a small snack for themselves.  The times this week are pretty spread out.  Please plan on coming rain or shine.  Remeber any extra clothing has to be worn under jersey and no hooded sweatshirts please.


Thank you,

Coach Julie, Coach Joe and Coach Bella

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by posted 09/16/2022

Hello Everyone,

This is our GAME 2 email.  We do NOT have pictures tomorrow.  Ours will be on 9/24.


GAME: Start time is 9:45 please arrive by 9:25.  Please have ball and water bottle.

SNACK: Again, optional!  We will have 12 girls tomorrow Helfrich and Lee Families.

Looking forward to another great game! Again, please let me know right away if your daughter will not be at the game tomorrow.  


Thank you, and see you all in the morning!

Coach Julie

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